Who We Are

This online AODA training website has been jointly developed by Accessibility Experts Ltd. and LearningLabs.  We’ve brought together our teams, who have extensive expertise in accessibility training and e-learning, to offer you a one-stop online solution for your AODA training needs.

Accessibility Experts Ltd.

Accessibility Experts logoAt Accessibility Experts Ltd., Accessibility is our ONLY business -and we are passionate about it!  We go beyond the mechanics of accessibility, digging deeper to acknowledge existing perceptions around disabilities.  We teach organizations to take a more sensitive and inclusive approach to understanding the unique needs of all customers – regardless of their disability. We are subject matter experts on all aspects of disabilities and have extensive experience in developing policies, procedures, training and quality programs.

Our trainers have been working in this business for several years:

Edie Forsyth is a recognized authority on the AODA. In her role as Co-Founder of Accessibility Experts Ltd., she has been helping public and private sector organizations in Ontario train their staff and ensure compliance for over 6 years. Prior to founding Accessibility Experts Ltd., Edie worked as the Executive Director of the Durham Region Employment Network (DREN), a network of 78 agencies, where she gained insight into the many barriers persons with disabilities face in searching for employment.  Edie’s knowledge of AODA legislation has been greatly enhanced through her roles as Chair of the Scugog Accessibility Advisory Committee, Co-Chair of the Accessibility Advisory Committee for the Regional Municipality of Durham Region and member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee for University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College. She is also working as an Accessibility Consultant for the 2015 Pan Am and Paralympics.  She continually trains across the province with enthusiasm, and sharing her passion for making Ontario Accessible!

Cyndie Sproul is and always has been passionate about people with disabilities. Cyndie’s understanding and perspective on the needs of people with disabilities comes from her training as a nurse and her experience in losing her sight and becoming legally blind. She became a voice for people with disabilities through her work as Chair and member of the Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee and Durham Regional Co-Chairs Committee. With her legislative knowledge and advocacy as a person with a disability she joined the team of Accessibility Experts Ltd. As a trainer and consultant for Accessibility Experts Ltd., Cyndie audits and advises on how to make information, communications and environments accessible.  Moreover, she shares her many first-hand stories with clients, describing her experiences with humour, passion and sincerity.

To learn more about Accessibility Experts Ltd., visit our website at: accessibilityexperts.ca


LearningLabs logoAt LearningLabs, we specialize in health-related e-learning, with a focus on patients living with chronic conditions or disabilities, and their caregivers. We work with people with disabilities in all stages of program development – from content creation to testing and analysis.  And we make extensive use of testimonials in our programs, telling people’s real-life stories and steps they’ve taken to overcome barriers and improve their quality of life.

We create e-learning programs that stimulate and engage the learner by:

  •  Carefully planning and carrying out a thorough content development process collaboratively with experts and consumers;
  •  Producing stunning multimedia elements (icons, illustrations, animations, photography) to inspire learning;
  •  Compiling text, audio and multimedia into courses in a clear manner, employing key instructional design and adult learning principles;
  •  Supplementing courses with fun and interactive activities, plus powerful real-life stories from consumers; and
  •  Delivering e-learning to clients through seamless online learning management systems that allow for course management or purchase, program personalization, and tracking of learner progress.

Our team members bring a unique mix of skills to our work, which crosses many disciplines:

Karla Badger-Brown brings her dynamic energy, exceptional organizational skills and lead-by-example approach to the LearningLabs team.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics from the University of Manitoba, and a PhD from the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto. Karla completed her doctoral studies in cancer research at the Ontario Cancer Institute/University Health Network in 2009. Karla has worked in medical education for 5 years as a writer, technical consultant and project manager. Through this work she has created numerous comprehensive, blended-learning, educational programs for healthcare professionals, sales personnel and patients.

- Brian Lingley forges together all of the pieces that make up the content-rich educational experiences of LearningLabs e-learning. Brian has a background in animation, gaming, editing and illustration. His experience was garnered through his interactive design studies at the Nova Scotia Collage of Art and Design University in Halifax, and over several years he spent in Japan documenting their culture, landscape, information design and interactive experiences. At LearningLabs, Brian works to maintain a coherent visual style in all our deliverables – he creates images and icons; produces and edits video, audio and still photography; and develops custom animations and interactions.

John Shepherd is a researcher and consultant in health promotion and knowledge translation.  Since 2007, he has worked to identify and incubate strategies for supporting the long-term health of people living with spinal cord injury (SCI). John has a BA and an MBA from Harvard University.  His professional experience includes 5 years as a strategy consultant serving clients in the financial services industry.  He experienced a spinal cord injury and completed Toronto Rehab’s spinal cord injury rehabilitation program in 2003. Working initially with the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and later with the funding support of the Rick Hansen Institute, John originated and led the development of SCI-U, an online destination for education about healthy living with SCI. At LearningLabs, he continues to create and design e-learning programs and tools to benefit those living with chronic conditions.

To learn more about LearningLabs, visit our website at: learninglabs.ca